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Our Founder, Lou Richard (1943-2021)
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The Newport Capital Group was founded by Lou Richard in 1989. He remained as Chairman and Non-Executive Director until his sudden passing in 2021. Under Lou’s leadership, Newport Capital has been a leader in investment and advisory services for the Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT) sector in Australia and the Asia Pacific region for more than three decades.

"The key differentiator of our firm is that our senior team members have spent extensive careers at senior levels in TMT sector companies. Our culture is completely collaborative and transparent. Our advice is always very carefully considered and completely honest."

He is greatly missed by his family, friends, colleagues, staff, clients, and everyone that had dealings with him over the decades, throughout the world.

It is Lou’s vision that drives the company today.

The Late, Mr. Louis M. Richard
Founder of Newport Capital Group
A Practical Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions

This highly readable book from Lou Richard, a 50 year veteran of International Corporate Business and Founder of Newport Capital Group, provides a practical explanation of key technical and tactical aspects of Mergers & Acquisitions and also provides insightful real-life descriptions - "digressions" - of transactions as they happened, proving that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

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